Rulership Astrology-360, The key to Enlightenment.

Rulership astrology-360, The Key to Enlightenment.

If you look at the monumental amount publications available on astrology you would never be an able to infer that its value has in large part gone unnoticed in our modern culture. I find that most peoples intrust in astrology ranges from trivia to curious, but still not really considering it as valuable as lets say, biology. With my clients it is always a wonder to see them come to the inevitable conclusion that there is a lot more to this astrology business than meets the eye.

I have read a lot of elaborate ideals, ranging from astral plane to quantum physics as to why astrology works. My final conclusion is I couldn’t care less why it works. Like I don’t need to know how my MacBook retina display computers work in order to write this book. I don’t need to completely understand how astrology works in order to use it to bring clarity and direction to my life and the life of others. The point is it does work and it applies to a wide range of areas enveloping the way humans live. Similar to medicine astrology is a broad field that usually lead to some for of specialization.

My approach to astrology reflects my other fields of interest which include yoga, depth psychology and the works of Rudolf Steiner. For me astrology is not so much about prediction, though they inevitably occur, as it is about enlightenment.

Now this word enlightenment carries a lot of preconceived notions which in compose everything from the scientific revolution to the mystical experiences of yogi’s and occultist. In a general since enlightenment is the capacity to know and understand reality. A reality that reaches beyond the intrust of a personal nature into the reality of a universal nature.

From the point of view of yoga, consciousness is the basis of reality. In this context astrology acts as the as an interphase between consciousness and the relative world of day to day activity. Through the lens of astrology we are able to understand the trends and cycles that establish our involvement in life. If you can grasp the significance of such a tool then you are beginning to understand the true value of astrology.

The Coming Forth by Day.

Day implies light. Rulership Astrology is primarily concerned with understanding the predominant cosmic influences that govern the creative process we call DAY and as such the days of the week naturally take on the characteristics of the planetary system, Sun-day, Moon-day, Saturn-day , etc. Using astrological symbolism we are able to understand the governing qualities unfolding within a particular 24 hour period of time. This cycle is particularly important because we as human measure the progression of our lives through a consecutive sequence of these days without ever taking the time to consider this cycle of days its self to be and influence on our lives. Its is worth mentioning that arguably the most influential book in man history begins by stating the God himself used 7 days to create reality. Granted that one day was actually considered a day of rest, it is just the same mentioned as part of the creative process as a whole. Rather you personally believe the bible to be literal or symbolic (or neither), the point I’m establishing is that the genesis of reality is referred to as pertaining to cosmic influences characterized as 7 days or lights. While this reference does not in it self validate my ideal, it certainly does support it. With this in mind I interpret, “let there be light’” to be identical with Let there be days. Be implying existence.

Else where in the Hermetic Tradition we see a reference to this ideal of 7 days and again we will encounter it in yoga philosophy as the Creator Being, Ishvara.


The role of a leader in organizations is one of constant pressure to perform and stress to solve problems. Leaders need to be at the top of their game to be alert and productive at all times. Unfortunately, far too many leaders use adrenalin-type of strategies to do so, such as caffeine, long working hours and poor nutrition. Certainly the notion of slowing down and being in a peaceful state isn’t commonly seen as an effective leadership strategy. Yet recent brain research shows that meditation can actually improve performance.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a subjective approach to disciplining the mind. It cultivates basic human characteristics such as improved stability of the mind, improved cognitive and emotional processing, improved capacity to express love and compassion and it also facilitates a more serene and flexible way of being, by freeing the mind from automatic mental conditioning and inner confusion.

Research, funded by the National Institute of Health shows that meditation practice decreases blood pressure, heart disease, and lowers cholesterol.

“Contemplation helps the student to transform his conception of reality by providing the skill necessary to personally detach from the thought activity of the mind.”
Modern neuroscientist at Emory University have identified four cognitive phases of meditation.
1. Distraction-in this stage the mind is continuously wandering about the past or the future.
2. Awareness of distraction-in this stage awareness of distraction help regulate the feeling of being distracted.
3. Engagement-this stage of mediation occurs as a result of developing detachment.
4. Restful alertness- in this stage the mediator acquires the ability to achieve a focused state of mind with less effort.

Wendell Jones discovered yoga as a result of inquiry after having an out of body experience. He spent 16 years studying in between mentors and academics. Currently Wendell is focusing on utilizing yoga/meditation/aryuveda as an integrated approach to health and wellness. His credentials include a B.A. in Vedic Science, 500 hr. certification from Yoga Alliance International and he is also a certified Ayruvedic Wellness Consultant.

“Teach what is appropriate for the individual”
Krishna Namacharaya

The Self exists within the subjective nature of man. The since of “I” that emerges from the Self is our ultimate identity. It transcends the limitations of the ego, while incorporating its function. Traditionally in yoga it is understood that the Self is infused with an illuminative characteristic, the quality of which is termed Sattva (harmonious energy). This “I” has the capacity to manifest as egoism or (as a result of spiritual discipline) come to a realization of its higher potential, the Atma ( I-AM/Spiritual will) .

Although Yoga as we know it today is preoccupied with physical health, that is not the ultimate significance of it. Yoga, aside from being a way to develop a health body, is essentially the removing of the various levels of ignorance that prevent the realization of Atma, creative intelligence. Doing this requires that the fluctuating tendencies of the mind be balanced by a process known as integration.

Our expertise is utilizing yoga and aryuveda as it is traditionally taught and understood by the Brahmins of India. It is a personalized system that takes into consideration the individual nature of the client. We use the fundamental principles of yoga, asanas; pranayama; bandhas; mudras and meditation to remove the physical and psychological obstacles that prevent the full realization of creative intelligence.

Every client receives an aryuvedic wellness consultation in order to determine their individual needs as they relate to integrative health and spiritual development. In order to keep the client focused, motivated and confident they are also provided with personal support in the form of private visits, emails, text or phone conversations.

Wendell’s interpretation of todays new moon eclipse and the grand trine.

The first thing is that this particular time will mark a moment in the year that helps you establish some needed boundaries when considering resources, relationships (rather business or personal), achieving success and your capacity to nurture yourself and others. Now how you get to this point can be either through integration of seemly conflicting citations or through crisis that force you to come to terms with shit that just don’t work. In real life there is a little of both. All of this action will serve to make you a lot more aware of your self worth or lack of it. Without a since of self worth we feel as through we lack personal security and this attitude directly effects our relationship to money and wealth.

Lets start out with Pluto in capricorn. Here we face the shadow of the drive to achieve. Asked yourself “how is my value system obstructing my success?” I see this in corporate clients who are afraid to stop doing business as usually and need to find new way to utilize executive power. Where in your life are you misdirecting your life-force? Rather its sex, secrets or obsession, facing the whole truth and nothing but the truth is the only to transcend this intense energy.

Jupiter in Cancer gives us a enlightening opportunity to explore our emotional needs. Being clear about them is the key to being able connect emotionally with other people without neccesarly personalizing every interaction we have. This does nothing but make us defensive and unable to see the true significance of the our relationships. Also when we are centered emotionally we are much less subject to engage in petty power struggles.

Uranus in Aries. Wuw. This is manic energy is not known to be subtle. How do you need to freely express your identity? Well Uranus is gonna show you in his not so conventional way. Here is where we need to reinvent our personality to more accurately express our higher selve or as Jung put it your individuality. If your put off by someone else’s apparent arrogance its probably because you don’t have the balls to take the lead in your own life. Its called Shadow talk baby!!!

Mar is Libra is very frustrated. If you don’t like whats going on (or not going on) in your relationships then you may need to up your game. An underlining need to be liked may be sabotaging the reciprocal forces that hold a good relationship together. If you find your self having pitting sex thats a clear sign that you in to deep.

Taurus new moon eclipse. Is saying that its time for you to establish a new set of value and really understand what is important to you. Value come from exchange. Money is merely a symbol of value. Where are you confused about this principle? There is intrinsic value in art and social activity. Value can also be generated through service. Also asks yourself. What is the value of exchange. How do I give and receive?

Let me know if it hits home or if you think its all BS.



It is my observation that studio yoga has, with a few acceptions, lost its integrity and over all respect for the tradition of yoga in an effort to capitalize on the wellness market emerging in America. I am not entirely apposed to this process but I understand that my experience and education have put me in the position to offer a more substantial teaching and practice.

What is yoga?

Yoga is the process of establishing the mind in transcendental consciousness.

Most people’s mind are totally conditioned by their personal likes and dislikes. These preferences distract the mind from perceiving its most subtle nature, transcendental consciousness. TC is a state of pure awareness that the ability to know its own nature, which is composed of the knower, the process of knowing and the known.

These components describe the wholistic value of the Self with its discriminating intelligence. The attributes of the Self are essentially eternal, bliss, consciousness. This essence is unbounded creative potential.

The practices involved with yoga remove attachment to the distractions of the mind until what is essential can be directly perceived.